Because cultural context different, speaks the different language person when , even if the language accurate is , also can have the . because a speech said is , causes the listener to laugh loudly The language reflects a national the , it not only is this 's history and the cultural context, moreover is this to the life the view, the life style and the thinking mode. Language and cultural mutual influence, ; the language must the culture, the culture must the language. Through each kind of channel, I concerned to the language and the cultural aspect knowledge. Because in the cultural , in the foreign lecture person audience some joke which say to him did not reflect. However can cause person Yang Mafan in the domestic identical joke which the audience smiles. A Chinese youth to the neighbor swimming pool swimming, a while came back, why does a foreigner ask, he explained: "In the swimming pool the person too are many, water too dirty, early should trade. Like sesame jam ." Another Chinese youth has smiled, but that foreigner simply did not know any is the sesame jam and the . Basic cannot feel slightly . The Chinese meets mutually says time the hello, often said: "You have eaten?" But the foreigner can think this kind of greeting is said: "I have not eaten, we walk together eat a thing!" This kind of greeting thought only invites the others to eat meal. Also once just arrived China the foreign scholar tied anxiously said with Chinese that, "Why did you always ask I ate did not have? I am rich." In English has Good morning, Good aftenoon, Good evening all is equal in Chinese "hello". When Good noon, Good night all is the farewell said speech. In US, the regular meeting hears to the American woman to discuss how her husband does work , does like this , obtains the reward and so on. Also can praise own children to be and so on. However can think in China like this uncouth. An American sets up Chinese spoken language training class, some two teachers teach, their native language word all is not a Chinese. When attends class, male teacher refers oneself said that, "This is the thing?" The female teacher shakes the head said that, "You are not the thing." The male teacher also asked that, "You are the thing?" Female teacher reply that, "I am not the thing." Perhaps the Chinese can guess obtains a ball in a shop (in china shop bull) but not to be able to imagine says in English person mind the image: Niu Penzhuo breathes, ablaze with anger the bull rushes in suspends the full view chinaware in the shop. However, this view meaning is: Clever is in a need manner, the careful thorough situation rushes in a behavior asperity person. In the Chinese culture, the turtle has two kind of:On the one hand symbolic longevity, on the other hand is curses at people. But not like this in the western culture, the turtle is only the slow-moving, animal. As for China that, the bat is , health, happy symbol. These is possible to come the character bat the name and the lucky unison. In foreign country, the people mention the bat, thinks of the ugly image. Therefore exchanges in us with the foreigner, we should all the time pay attention to own language.






一个我国青年到周边游泳池游水,一会就回家了,一个外国人问为何,他诠释说:“游泳池里人太多,水太脏,早该换了.像芝麻酱煮饺子.”另一个中国青年笑了,而那个外国人基本不知什么叫芝麻酱与煮饺子.基本感觉不到分毫风趣. 中国人碰面相互问好时,常常说:“你吃完吗?”而外国人会认为这类招乎是说:“我也没有吃,我们一同走吃点东西吧!”这类招乎认为只邀请别人来用餐.也以前一位刚刚到我国的国外学者结巴巴地用汉语说:“你们为何老问我吃完没有?我富有.” 英文中有Good morning,Good aftenoon,Good evening 都等同于汉语中的“你好”.但是 Good noon,Good night都是辞别时说得话.在美国(USA),常会听见美国(USA)妇女谈她老公工作怎样努力,干得这样优秀,得到奖赏等.也会夸自己的儿女多么的聪慧等.但是在国内便会觉得这样大方. 一所美国大学创办汉语口语训练班,有两位老师来教,他们的本族語言都不是汉语.上课的时候,男教师指指自己说:“这个是东西吗?”女老师摇摇头说:“你不是东西.”男老师又问:“你是东西吗?”女老师答复:“不,我不是东西.”

中国人或许会猜给出a ball in a shop(瓷店里的公牛)但是想像不出说英文人心中的形象:一头牛喷着鼻息,怒气冲发地公牛闯进摆满风景磁器的店里.但是,这类观点的含意是:在一个需要举止灵敏得当,仔细严密的场所闯进一个行为粗暴的人.







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